To engender beauty, dialogue and fun is the goal for my artwork. A deep inspiration has been John Ruskin, art critic, who sets a moral standard for the arts. Using varied approaches to my work, including training in architecture and fine art, my desire is to present an honest interpretation of the world, never shocking, ridiculing or insulting in the name of art. Some of my work inspired by history ranges from silent movie Divas, portrayals of whom are based on research that often revealed wounded lives, to Stalin’s destruction of Christ the Savior church in Moscow intending to break the Orthodox church.My latest project, “Bethlehem Steel”, depicts a monumental architectural achievement abandoned to rust, leaving thousands unemployed and a town struggling to recover. With the freedom enjoyed as an artist it is my goal to those who view my art to bring about beauty, dialogue and fun.

Being neither a Modernist nor a Traditionalist, I would describe my work as Abstract Realism using both to present the spirit of the subject. The idea of my work is to live a life of color.

Roman LukasiewiczRoman Lukasiewicz, Born 1953 Montbeliard France of parents who were slave laborers in Berlin during World War II taken from Moschiska Ukraine. Came to America from France 1956 on the S.S. United States. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, graduated from the Universityof the Arts as a fine arts major. Later studied Architecture at Drexel University grauating 1984. Heavily influenced by history, writings of Leonardo DaVinci, Joan Miro and the writings on morality in Art by John MIro.